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Frequently Asked Questions

IAZ Photo Studio gives you answers to your questions, so you can make the right decision to what you want. We are here to serve you, with us your memories are safe.

We do photo shoots for weddings, quinceañeras, graduations and other events. Sessions before, during and after the event. We also do mini photo sessions for graduations.

The mini photography session lasts 30 minutes.

The quality of the photos is equal to the quality of a normal session.

You can go to the graduation section and book your graduation mini session.

If you would like to do a mini session for an event other than graduations. You can go to the contact section and request information or call us.

Our photographic service offers individual and group sessions.

After the culmination of the event, a week is counted starting with the next business day for the photos to be uploaded to the website. That is, if the event is on a weekend day, you start the week count on Monday which is the business day, unless it is a holiday, you start the week count on the business day after the event to upload the photos of your event.

You must first register at www.iazphotostudio.com, then select the photos you want and send your selection to the email selection@iazphotostudio.com when you are done with the selection. Including the email address with which you registered on the website. You have the option to purchase additional photos.

Please note that any cancellation less than 4 months prior to the date of the event will result in no refund of advance deposits.

Please note that all our photographers have an established schedule. If you wish to schedule the appointment or reservation, we only accept a change of date and 4 months before the event, only if there is availability for the new date.

Yes, prepayment will depend on the type of event you wish to book.

In case IAZ Photo Studio is unable to attend the event due to any inconvenience (accident or illness), it is in the task of sending a team to replace him, if it can not comply with this option, the full amount will be refunded to the customer.

From the time stated in the agreement or contract until 10pm. If you want the company to stay longer, it will be counted as overtime and will have an additional charge.

The customer’s material will be retained for a full year and within this period of time, the customer has the right to purchase a copyrighted version. After this one year period, all material is deleted and is considered as delivered.

If the client chooses photos that need editing, we will first replace it with a better quality one. If there are no other photos, we will proceed to edit the photo chosen by the client at no cost. However, if there are other subsequent editions, the client will be informed by email and the amount of the additional costs will be indicated, with prior authorization from the client.