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Photography By Varela

The best wedding photography service in Phoenix Arizona 

At Photography By Varela we tell your love story through images. Many brides and grooms prefer a couple photo that shows their deep love and fills them with a wonderful experience that will be forever engraved in their minds and hearts. You can also do a photo session with family and guests. We are there to take the best version of the wedding. 

Our Service

If you want a different kind of photo shoot, Photography By Varela will provide it, we listen to what you want and work together to keep the best memory of your life. We have a great expert photographic team with unique styles and a singular imagination. 

Our Objective

We have a key objective at Photography By Varela and that is to capture the mixed emotions of the bride and groom and their guests as they enjoy their beautiful day. The idea is to make the photo shoot flow naturally and take those little spontaneous moments of the wedding. 

Every wedding has its own character and personality, at Photography By Varela we can reflect in the final result a beautiful collection of photos that tell your whole story, from the wedding ceremony to the reception to the reception party. 

Couple Photo

Photography By Varela provides you with a photo shoot that frames every moment of the bride and groom’s wedding ceremony. An image that shows the happiness of the bride and groom. With a beautiful ceremony and that reflects warmth in the couple. 

Outdoor photo

Photography session for the bride and groom outdoors, with nature reflecting the deep love of the bride and groom, with different styles, where the experts of Photography By Varela dedicate time to take the most beautiful images of the moment.


Photo with the family

You can’t miss the photo with the family, who are a fundamental pillar in the life of the bride and groom, complementing the happiness of the most important day of their lives. At Photography By Varela we contemplate each place as a space to brighten the moment. 

Funny pictures

Unforgettable moments for you and yours. At Photography By Varela we don’t forget about fun. Our specialized team provides techniques for creative and exciting poses.

At Photography By Varela we offer you endless images of your wedding, we care that you get the joy of always having your photos at hand so you can remember them whenever you want and show them to your descendants. 

Photography By Varela