Photography Tips

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Wedding day in Mesa AZ

10 mistakes to avoid on your wedding day

The wedding day is the event that every woman looks forward to. Your wedding event has to be the most beautiful moment of your life, since it marks a before and after in the beginning of your life together with another person. We will give you these tips so you don’t make a mistake on your special day.

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Best Graduation Photo Service in Gilbert AZ

10 tips for taking memorable graduation photos

Are you about to graduate and want memorable graduation photos? It makes sense because it is one of the most anticipated days of your life. That’s why we give you 10 tips to take the best pictures. Or, to hire professional photographers.

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wedding invitations design

Styles of gift boxes to receive gifts from your guests

Wedding invitations and the gift box where you will store your gifts are an essential part of your event. Consider the box design according to the material that best suits your decoration and don’t forget to incorporate a photographer for wedding events in Phoenix AZ.

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beautiful wedding dresses in Phoenix AZ

Wedding dresses prices: Know how much your budget should be

Wedding dresses prices: know how much your budget should be. In order not to overdo it and run around at the last minute, it is necessary to make a budget of the expenses. Be clear about the model and style of dress you want to look for those that fit. Make a list and discard, and prioritize the best ones.

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